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protective film products

MSL Window films protect your home or office against theft. MSL Window films secure and protect your family. MSL Window films protect your home or office against harsh solar heat and UV rays. MSL Window films protect your home or office against hail and storms.

Our line of 3M window films offer protection from sun, theft and other threats all while keeping your home, business, or auto looking beautiful.  Backed by 3M's warranty and decades of window film experience and research, you can be assured our film solutions will provide peace of mind and protect your family and belongings.

We carry and install several high performance window films to meet your needs:


Nothing is more important than your or your family's safety, but by planning ahead, you can help prepare your home, business, or vehicles from the worst.

Once installed with advanced adhesives, our 3M security films bond to glass. So when glass breaks, the shards are held together by the film to help reduce the chance of injury, or causing a barrier to potential intruders to breaking in, most likely sending them on their way and protecting you and your home. These security films have been tested with an array of flying objects from golf balls and baseball bats to bomb blasts and hurricanes.There are four levels of security lamination:

Level 4 — protection from objects such as golf balls, baseballs, and severe weather such as hail.
Level 3 — protection from "criminal acts" or smash and grabs with objects such as baseball bats and crow bars.
Level 2 — protection from high winds such as tornadoes and hurricanes. Also optimal for high violence areas.
Level 1 — protection against explosives, bullet resistance, and bombs.

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Our solar window films offer the highest level of sun protection available. Our Prestige line of films can reduce the effect of solar heat and visible light on your furnishings. The film can block up to 99.9% of the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays which will in turn, dramatically slow the process of fading and extend the life of your treasured interior possessions.

Our solar films also offer superior heat rejection through the day, rejecting up to 97% of sun's infrared light. Other brands of films generally only provide heat rejection when the sun is perpendicular to a window, but the Prestige films have been tested and proved to perform best when the sun is at its hottest part of the day. For you, that translates into substantial savings on your energy costs. Case studies conducted by 3M have shown a homeowner can save up to 15% on energy costs. And the added benefit of increased comfort.

In addition to energy savings and protecting your furnishings, our solar films are the only films that won’t compromise your view. Our films actually provide for less interior reflectivity than glass, so your view remains as crisp and clear as before film. And for those attempting to look in, the film provides for privacy from the exterior while displaying a beautiful finish.

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If you are looking for comprehensive protection, our Prestige line of window films are the solution for you. These combination films offer protection from all potential outside elements—whether that element is mother nature or a vengeful intruder.

The Prestige films offer the benefits of both our solar films and security films for your home or business.
    • Protection for your home and auto from "smash and grab"
    • Protection for your home and office furnishings, flooring, artwork from UV fading
    • Reduce the effects of solar heat for energy cost savings
    • Protect your windows and home from damaging weather elements

You can keep your home or business cool and save money on energy costs, protect your interior furnishings from sun and theft, all while having the invaluable piece of mind that all your loved belongings are safe.

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If privacy or improving the aesthetics of your windows or work place is your goal, then our line of decorative films can provide you the pleasing visual you are looking for. Decorative films can provide a smooth, etched-glass appearance, but without the same expensive cost of etching.

These films are perfectly suited for interior glass partitions or the inside surface of windows. Available in several textures which can be die-cut for highly customizable designs, decorative films can be used to create a more private atmosphere or dynamic aesthetic. Visit our photo gallery to see just a few ways decorative films can change your window!